About Us

We are fixated on the exterior. We suffer from a complex excellent. We hate unfinished projects. We pour mud on ugly sites, because we don’t choose parents, but we choose imperfect work.

You do not marry a terrible fat woman with a rich inner world. And you don’t even want to study this inner world of her if her hair is greasy and stinks later. Site is a girlfriend. He must be beautiful. Look modern and be pleasant in appearance, and not meet the proverbial standards. If now you do not agree with me, then throw out the computer and aim with a spear at the mammoth, so that your portly strong woman will cook it on the fire and feed thirteen surviving children.

Candy, which today sell on the Internet are not unique, their packaging is unique. And if you need to make an impression and stand out against the background of dozens of sites come from zero, make expensive, make beautiful. You even buy toilet paper three-layer and fragrant. And after all on it flowers draw …

Nobody wants to be like a Chinese copy, choose your own style. Your own vision. The best shell you can imagine. We need a well-established internal mechanism. Such that the content does not disperse. It is necessary that the pages load quickly, and visitors do not wait. So that everything is clear and clear. So that on an intuitive level I would like to click on the right buttons. To the site was so beautiful that I wanted to lick the screen.

Cooperate? Then tell us about your ideal site. We make fast, high quality and expensive. We not only collect from scratch, but also advise you. Warranties – is. Adaptability – is. Optimization – is. We can not believe the word. Try, be satisfied. Because we can.

Our Team

Michael Silunsky


Irina Panich

Art Director